Who We Are

Masonwood Development Corporation was formed in 1993 by Jim Meredith. The company specializes in land entitlement and development for single family housing and communities in the Greater Austin Area. Through the company's relationships and its proven track record with leading national and local home builders, Masonwood has earned its strong presence in Austin's land development industry. 

Masonwood is dedicated to building state-of-the-art neighborhoods using efficient, effective and responsible development methods and business processes for continuous improvement. The development company creates quality communities by partnering with the best contractors, engineers, home builders, and landscape architects in their fields.

Jim Meredith is passionate about central Texas, and he understands why other people love it too! His vision for Masonwood is to help Austin grow through responsible development that will highlight and strengthen the beauty of Texas topography and culture with each home that is built. 

Jim's daughter, Samantha Meredith, and son, Jack Meredith, proudly join the Team to continue the land development legacy that Masonwood has built in Austin, Texas.

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Meet our Team

Vince Reinhart (right), has joined the Masonwood Team as the VP of Construction. Jim Meredith (left), has many years of experience in the land development industry as a developer. Lastly, Jack and Samantha, center, have been in the land development industry for two years, gathering knowledge and making big plans for the future of Masonwood.

Awards and Recognition