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The Story

As of three days ago (May 21, 2019), HB 3167 was enrolled, setting a fixed time limit on city review of development plans, or else the plans will be granted approval by default. 

Why do developers care?

Accountability. In an increasingly liberal political environment, it is important that cities are held accountable for the amount of time they take to review plans submitted by private developers. What is time? Money. In the past couple of years, private developers have been tormented by the agonizing amounts of time municipalities have taken to review and make comments on plans. Review time has in some cases doubled, if not tripled, in order to thwart even the most responsible developments. 

Texas - Protecting Small Businesses

The Texas Municipal League, a coalition of city governments, is complaining that this bill, and some other bills involving city governments that have been proposed in the current legislative session (i.e. SB 1152, HB 2439, SB 29) are attempts to limit the amount of control municipalities have in governing themselves. As a private developer, the way we see it is that the Texas Legislature is making moves to protect small businesses.

We appreciate the Legislatures' moves to protect private developers and other small businesses against loose-end politics, but this bill is ultimately making certain bureaucratic processes more efficient.


Austin's Land Developer

And, like Texas, we are proud. Masonwood Development, Corp. has been developing residential communities in the Austin area since the "roaring 90s", back when printed maps were marked up by tiny stickers. Since its inception, Masonwood has developed more than 4,000 lots, contributing to the development of over 19 communities in central Texas.

A lot (no pun intended) has changed since the 90s.. Austin is basically a new city and the residential development industry has completely evolved. 

With that being said, it is important that developers around Central Texas continue to improve business practices while also keeping in mind the important pieces of information learned from their experiences. This News Letter is meant to serve as a blog on current events and practices in the local land development industry, based on what we know.

Thank you for being a part of this community that thrives on everything land development. 

Roaring 90s Party

Wait.. you read to this point? Alright, alright, alright...

Yes, you heard us correctly! Masonwood is planning an event for realtors and potential home buyers on June 25th at Jack Allen's in Oak Hill from 2-4 pm to showcase its recent developments, including Provence, a 650+ master planned community, located in the Lake Travis ISD; and Park at Wellspoint, an urban infill community, consisting of 100 smart homes located in North Austin. 

Good food and good company are guaranteed and there is no doubt that we would love to see you there. Please RSVP below! There are only 30 spots left!


We're here and we're human...

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us.

All our best,
The Masonwood Team